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Sexual Wellness for Women in New York City

O-shot® injections

These injections are also known as “orgasm injections”. The name stems from the effects of receiving the shots. The Orgasms injection’s function is to improve and activate the vagina and clitoris, which includes the amplitude and number of orgasms increase.

These are natural, painless, non-surgical injections that restore vaginal and clitoral function. They are very sensitizing and improve your sex life. 

O-Shot® injections are great for:

Stress-induced urinary incontinence (when you cough, laugh, sneeze or exercise). For many women, stress urinary incontinence improved or disappeared completely. Therefore, the procedures have gained wide popularity all over the world.


Laser rejuvenation of the vagina is a medical technique that promotes the plasticity of the genital organs. Such a process cannot be called an operation, there is no pain, it lasts up to half an hour, and it can solve many problems in women. Plastic surgery using a laser method will help restore tone and natural functions within the vaginal area.

Using sound wave technology

Cliovana accelerates the process of cell regeneration in the genital organs, which leads to improved blood flow to the clitoris. Your body is constantly regenerating cells, Cliovana speeds up a process, which can lead to increased sensitivity and sensation long term. This allows women to experience more intense and frequent orgasms.



This procedure works in such a way that the laser beam is directed to the inner zone of the vagina – it produces a measured heating of the tissues. It promotes the production of collagen and elastin, resulting in the restoration of the epithelium of the mucosa. The tightening of vaginal walls is obtained, and local blood circulation within the tissues increases. The intimate area becomes elastic, the discomfort disappears, and excellent sensitivity appears during sexual activities with a partner.

  • Decreased libido/desire for sex
  • Little or no lubrication when aroused
  • Weak or absent orgasm during sex
  • Persistent or intermittent panic fear of sexual intimacy
  • Рain during sexual intercourse or stimulation of the genital organs
  • Vaginismus (involuntary spasm with any type of vaginal penetration).

There are many reasons why a woman may experience a decrease in feelings of arousal and sexual response. The good news is that Beso Aesthetic Clinics can help improve women’s sexual health and help them experience stronger and more frequent orgasms. We can help make a difference and return women to have a more satisfying and fulfilling sex life.

Female sexual dysfunction is when a woman is experiencing issues in relation to intimacy and sexual activity. There are 4 types of female sexual dysfunction known;

  •  Anorgasmia – an orgasmic disorder or the inability to have an orgasm.
  • Dyspareunia – experiencing pain during sexual intercourse.
  • Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder – Low libido, or the lack of sexual desire.
  • Sexual Arousal Disorder – Experiencing difficulty in becoming aroused.

These sexual dysfunctions are caused by either physical or psychological problems. Physical causes include diabetes, heart disease, neurological disease, hormonal imbalances, menopause, chronic conditions (ex: kidney or liver disease), urinary tract infections, alcoholism, drug abuse, and medication side effects (ex: antidepressants). In addition, hormone fluctuations that occur during pregnancy, after childbirth, and menopause can play a role. Psychological causes of sexual dysfunction may include stress, general anxiety, performance anxiety, relationship problems, depression, guilt, and past sexual trauma. In some cases, during intimacy, there are some complexes or constraints that can affect women’s perception of sexual relations. As a result, erogenous zones do not receive the necessary stimulation. An erogenous zone is an area of the body that has heightened sensitivity, which can generate a sexual response.

Aesthetic gynecology can solve a wide range of sexual problems that many women may face. Some of these issues can be considered age-related changes and their consequences. An example of an age-related change includes hypotrophy of the labia majora (their ptosis – omission), loss of volume, and asymmetry. During menopause, a woman may feel increased discomfort due to dryness and itchiness in the vagina. Aesthetic procedures allow you to quickly and effectively solve many problems at the gynecologist’s office on an outpatient basis.

We can change the shape of the labia, and the width of the vaginal opening, whiten the skin of the intimate area, change the sensitivity during intercourse with the help of hyaluronic acid injections, solve the problem of anorgasmia, insufficient orgasm (including clitoral and vaginal), change the volume of the zone G. Ultimately, we work to improve the quality of a woman’s sexual life without the need of invasive surgery.

In our clinic, we offer our clients several ways to enhance sexual pleasure and treat anorgasmia in women.

  1. Treatment is carried out in accordance with clinical recommendations
  2. Comprehensive assessment of the medical condition and treatment prognosis
  3. Modern diagnostic equipment and own laboratory
  4. High level of service and balanced pricing policy

If you are facing a problem in your sex life, do not despair. Competent, polite, and dedicated medical specialists of Beso Aesthetics Clinics will help to overcome sexual dysfunction bringing happiness to intimate life. Our doctors regularly improve their skills and take part in internships abroad and international conferences. This allows us to use the most modern methods, so our patients receive the best treatment best suited for them.